Company of Thieves – In-Store Concert & Autograph Signing!

Time – TBA
Event – Concert & Autograph Signing.

We regret to announce that the Company of Thieves instore event has to be rescheduled. We will have a new date for you as soon as possible. Anyone that has a wristband and can not make the new date can come into Looney Tunes for a refund. 

Sorry for the inconvenience but the show will go on, just at a later date. As soon as we have an update we will post on this blog.

YOU CAN STILL ORDER FOR THIS EVENT – We will post the new date as soon as we have one.

The band COMPANY OF THIEVES will be here at Looney Tunes  to play a concert for their fans and sign some autographs. In order to get into this special event you must purchase the bands new CD for $9.99 to get a wristband to attend the show. You can purchase that CD below online or at the store. If you order online there is a $3 paypal fee. To avoid that fee you can always order at the store. If you do order online please make sure you choose INSTORE PICK UP for shipping option. All orders will not ship to you. You can pick up your order at Looney Tunes today or the day of the show, which ever you prefer. Cameras will be permitted at the performance and at the signing table, so don’t forget your cameras! ENJOY THE SHOW




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President of Looney Tunes CD Store and Brookvale Records.

2 thoughts on “Company of Thieves – In-Store Concert & Autograph Signing!”

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  2. imagine paramore calming down and lounging with adele… that’s what you get with the new “company of thieves” album. it took me by surprise in the best way possible :)

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