Scott Bluebond (L) and Jon Anderson pose with the signed guitar in the green room of The 10! Show.
Scott Bluebond (L) and Jon Anderson pose with the signed guitar in the green room of The 10! Show.

13TH Annual Evening in the Yard Being Held on Friday, May 20 at the Navy Yard.

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) Scott Bluebond is the marketing and communications director at the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia (CSCP). But he is also one huge Yes fan. He was able to combine his love for helping people with cancer and the group Yes this week.  CSCP is having their annual gala on May 20 and this year, there will be an auction for the first time.  Scott called his friend Rich Chodak, owner of Bluebond Guitars and Music School (, for help. Rich purchased the store from his childhood friend and neighbor, Dale Bluebond, who was killed in an auto accident in 1994.  Dale was Scott’s cousin.

Scott asked Rich if he would consider donating a guitar for the CSCP’s auction. Unbeknownst to Scott, Chodak had just lost his dad, Harry, toesophageal cancer on February 17 (Harry was the owner of Oscar’s Tavern at 1524 Sansom Street for the last 40 years).  Chodak immediately agreed to donate a beautiful Takamine Guitar!   In the meantime, Scott, who assisted with promotion of Jon Anderson’s Philadelphia show at the TLA on May 4th, asked if Anderson would sign the guitar for the auction. He not only signed it, but did so on NBC 10’s “The 10! Show” where he performed and was interviewed that morning.  The only way to bid on the Anderson-signed guitar is by attending the gala. There are many other great items up for bid as well to be announced soon. Please call (215) 879-7733 or visit for tickets.

CSCP anticipates 300 professionals, government officials, members and others will attend this gala/awards ceremony to see designer Tory Burch receive the Medal of Inspiration, founding board member Charlie Rose, the Ridgeland Award, Mary Lou Vitale, the Medal of Courage, Greg & Kathie (posthumously) Young, Anthropologie, and Gilda’s Club Delaware Valley, the Medal of Victory, and Ilana Wolfson, the Gene Hart Young Survivor Award.   Guests will enjoy fabulous food and cocktails, a DJ, an auction with fabulous items and more, all to benefit CSCP.   Chair emeritus Keith and Alixandra Morgan are honorary co-chairs for the event and will be joined by evening co-chairs Wendy Rosen and Lydie Brown.   Taking place for the first time at Urban Outfitters at The Navy Yard, the Evening in the Yard presenting sponsor is Krispy Kreme Philly and the Morgan Family, and the radio sponsor is B101.   Tickets are $250 per person.   Help people affected by cancer and please call (215) 879-7733 or to learn more.

The Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia (CSCP) is dedicated to providing, at no cost to members, a comprehensive and professional program of emotional support and education designed to enhance the mind, body and spirit of people whose lives have been impacted by cancer.  CSCP offers programs at Ridgeland in Fairmount Park and other Philadelphia-area locations.   Please call the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia at (215) 879-7733 or toll free at (888) 819-3553.   Visit CSCP’s website at for more information, “like” CSCP onFacebook, and follow CSCP on Twitter.


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