Record Store Day 2011 Recap

Looney Tunes Record Store Day 2011 Recap

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It’s Tuesday morning here in West Babylon. I had to take yesterday off after working Saturday and Sunday. I needed time to recoup from the busiest day in our 40 year history.


I got to the store at about 7:45am Saturday morning to find about 60 people lined up. I asked them when they got there. The first two people on line arrived at 4:00am to be the first on line. WOW That’s insane I said. They just laughed and said they NEEDED TO BE FIRST! The next few people said they lined up at 6:00am. As we were talking I noticed the line keep growing. Apparently there were about 30 more people in their cars and as soon as they saw me they ran on line. By the time we opened up the doors at 9:00am there were about 200 people already on line. WOW – it just got my juices flowing for what I was sure was going to be a killer day.

Our friends at Blackheart Record were on hand at 8:30 am to hand out free coffee to everyone on line, which was desperately needed.

When the doors opened at 9:00am it was like nothing I have ever seen in my retail history. It was an EXPLOSION. People were flying everywhere and grabbing everything. Most customers purchased 5 or more items. Our average sale for the day was over $70! By 1:00pm we were already ahead of last years sales and it never stopped.

When we closed the doors at 10:00pm we had seen the busiest day in our history.

We had over 850 customers Saturday and sales that were 81% higher then RSD 2010!

I could not have done this alone. I want to thank all the amazing bands that helped share this special day with us: Kevin Devine, Thursday, The Pretty Reckless, Alex Skolnick, Grace Read, Tiger Riot and Hotel of the Laughing Tree. The music was unbelievable all day long and we sold a ton of these artists CDs and LPs. The great people of Island Music Labs came down and donated their time the whole day to do sound and record everyone’s performance. I also want to thank Blackheart Records for the free coffee and our new friends The Brickhouse Brewery in Patchogue. The Brickhouse Brewery came down at 1:00pm with a keg of their home brew and sold beer for $2 a cup. Together we took 100% of the money and donated it to the American Red Cross Japan Relief fund. We were able to raise $285 for the Red Cross. We also raffled off a pair of tickets to the Broadway play RAIN – thank you to our friends at RAIN for this great promo.

Please visit all our friends at:


And a very special thank you to our great staff.


Thanks Guys!

Karl Jr.

Looney Tunes


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President of Looney Tunes CD Store and Brookvale Records.

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