Bad Books In-store Update!

Hey guys, we are really excited for the Bad Books performance coming up this Thursday – just two days away!  Kevin Devine is one of our favorite people on the planet, and we’ve been huge supporters of Andy and Manchester Orchestra since Karl first heard them 3 and a half years ago.  To have the two of them playing in the same band is almost too much for us to imagine, but this Thursday we’ll all get to see it for ourselves.


If that’s not exciting enough, I have some more great news.  I just got off the phone with the band’s label, and even though the CD was supposed to come out on November 9th, we worked out a deal where everyone who comes to the show Thursday will get the CD two and a half weeks early! We know a lot of you love having the CD the day you see the band play, so we pulled some strings to make this happen.

If you haven’t already, definitely jump on board and grab a wristband before they’re all gone.  See y’all on Thursday!




Bad Books CD Pre-Order:  16.99


One thought on “Bad Books In-store Update!”

  1. I Pre-Ordered The Cd Yesterday and Now With The Extra Added Bonus That We Will Also Get The CD on The Day of The In-Store Is Exactly What I Was Hoping For !!!!!! Thanks Again Karl Jr.If Possible Would You Consider Recording The Bad Books Set as a Live CD ??? Sincerely GregRamone

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