Bad Books In-Store Concert!

Artist – BAD BOOKS
Date- Thursday October 21st
Time- 6:00 pm
Event –Performance and Autograph Signing


THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE OF IF NOT THE BEST INSTORE OF THE YEAR! We know Karl Jr is psyched! Bad Books is Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine! The guys will be doing a live set here at the store and then an autographed signing to follow. You need to pre order the new BAD BOOKS CD that comes out November 9th to get a wristband to get into this event.  The CD is only $16.99.   Online ordering has been turned off but you can still pick up the CD in the store today!

Comes with all of the following

1) The new BAD BOOKS CD
2) You can take pictures during the show
3) You can take a picture with the band at the signing table if you have a camera
4) Wristband for the concert and autograph signing

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President of Looney Tunes CD Store and Brookvale Records.

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