The First Of Many Vinyl Reviews

Artist- The Flaming Lips

Album- The Soft Bulletin

Year- 1999

Label- Warner Bros

Widely regarded as one of the greatest records of the 90’s. Praised for its adventurous application of synths and organic instruments. The Flaming Lips 1999 release “The Soft Bulletin” was a milestone for a band that had been struggling for almost 20 years and was now near its end.

While dealing with crippling drug addiction and the subsequent departure of their longtime guitarist Ronald Jones, The Flaming Lips managed to find an extreme amount of inspiration via their struggles and misfortunes.

Being not only a dedicated record collector but an obsessive Flaming Lips fan, I was almost jumping out of my skin in anticipation for this vinyl re-issue. The Soft Bulletin happens to fall into a cross-section of albums released between 1990-2005 that only saw about 500 copies pressed on its original run. This all results in one thing. $500 copies being sold on EBAY.

Luckily this truly amazing album was re-issued by Warner Bros mid last year. Specially pressed in Germeny with extra bonus tracks and alternate mixes. Comes packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with all of the original artwork included. Out of the 2,000 or so records in my collection I am hard-pressed to find ANYTHING that sounds better than this coming through my system.

Sound- * * * * *

Packaging- * * * * *

Price- ***


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