The Wonder Years – come to Looney Tunes

Date- Thursday September 23rd
Time- 6:00 pm
Event –Performance and Autograph Signing

The Wonder Years will be at Looney Tunes to celebrate the release of their new CD. In order to get into this event you must pre order the new CD from Looney Tunes and you will get a wristband to attend the show and signing. You will be allowed to take pictures during the show and at the signing table with the band. When ordering online there is a $2 paypal fee. There is no $2 fee if you order at the store. When ordering online choose instore pick up because ALL online orders will be help at the store. You can pick up your order at the store any day you want including the day of the show, just bring photo ID and an email with your paypal order on it. This should be an amazing event! Have fun and we will see you there!

CD Pre order $10.99

Comes with all of the following

1) The new Wonder Years CD
2) You can take pictures during the show
3) You can take a picture with the band at the signing table if you have a camera
4) Wristband for the concert and autograph signing


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President of Looney Tunes CD Store and Brookvale Records.

2 thoughts on “The Wonder Years – come to Looney Tunes”

  1. favorite band. you have no idea how stoked i am for this. i tried seeing them TWICE last week, bought tix for both shows, both trips fell apart. atleast i get this!

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