It was 3 years ago today that I thought it was all over….

Dear Friends,

August 29th 2007 was one of the worst days of my life. Its the day Looney Tunes burnt down to the ground. I remember receiving the phone call from an employee at midnight telling me that there was a fire at the store and I better get to the store quick. I arrived at the scene to see our entire building up in flames. As I sat on the curb watching my store burn to the ground, a fireman came up to me and said…”No one was hurt, that’s the most important thing…and something GOOD will come of this”. It was dificult to see what good could come from my 36 year old store burning to the ground. BUT HE WAS RIGHT! Our store now is better then ever. I miss the old store for sure, but I am very proud of what we have accomplished in these 3 years. Next year will be the 40th anniversary for Looney Tunes…Just wait to see what I have in store! LOL!

Thank you to everyone for supporting us over the last 39 years and the last 3!

Karl Jr.

The old store.
Store burning on August 29th, 2007
We did rebuild.
Hard at work on the new store
We hand built everything inside
Moments before the grand re-opening
Re-Grand Opening day Dec 1st, 2007 - we had over 1000 friends stop by that day. Its a day I will remember with great joy for the rest of my life.
The new store front

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President of Looney Tunes CD Store and Brookvale Records.

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