Band: Lightning Swords of Death
: Extra Dimensional Wound
: Metalblade
Release Date: Out now



Hey Gang,


In 2009 LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH signed a worldwide deal with Metal
Blade Records and continued to push their brand of brazen black metal
through their DYI attitude, getting multiple tracks on the PSP game
UNDEAD KNIGHTS as well as a track featured on the soundtrack for the
horror/thriller movie Stepfather (October 2009).

LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH budding reputation as a relentless and must
see black metal act also earned the band a coveted spot on the Evangelia
Amerika Tour, headlined by Behemoth and joined by Septicflesh of Greece,
which kicked off in January 2010. In anticipation of the release of the
band’s debut Metal Blade album The Extra Dimensional Wound, the band
toured the US during March of 2010 with none other than Kreator,
Kataklysm, Evile and Lazarus A.D.!

The Extra Dimensional Wound was recorded in Corona, CA at Trench Studios
with Roska from the band producing and John Haddad handling engineering
duties, and was mixed and mastered by Sverker “Necro” Widgren at
Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm Sweden.

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