FAR is back after 12 years!

Band: FAR
: At Night We Live
: Vagrent
Release Date: Out now

CD – $9.99

LP – $19.99


Do you remember FAR? I sure as hell do! I always though Johan was amazingly talented and unfortunately a little ahead of his time. I remember doing a joint instore with FAR and Incubus! They we sponsored a SOLD out FAR show at Crawdaddys in Amityville. WOW I”M OLD! HAHAH! Well Far is BACK and we are so happy to be behind this record. PLEASE check it out!

– Far – At Night We Live
First studio album in 12 years!  At Night We Live is loaded with huge, massive rock riffs, soaring choruses and a production job that any big name studio producer would be proud to put their name on.  The band found itself back in the public eye last year, as their just-for-fun cover version of the song “Pony” (originally recorded by the R&B crooner Ginuwine) started making its way onto the airwaves of some of America’s biggest alternative radio stations.  “Pony” is featured on the album as a hidden track.  First single – “Deafening”.


Karl Jr.


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