Record Store Day Gems

Let me start by saying that Record Store Day 2010 has to have been the most fun I have ever had in a record store.  (Well maybe with one exception, but that was a long time ago and barely believable.)  The special releases by the Record Labels were exceptional, I was impressed by the participation of the bands and all of the press.  Hopefully the event will continue to grow, and all of the record stores stick around to enjoy it.  We had a twelve hour party here at Looney Tunes and I am sure the other stores where the day was celebrated were no different.

So what did you buy this Record Store Day John?  I am glad you asked.  I have again succeeded in over coming the temptation to buy one of everything and have chosen just 4 items from artists that I already collect.  I resisted all the colored vinyl, picture discs and high demand, big dollar investment items and stuck with the music that makes me feel good.

1- Album Leaf’s “There Is A Wind” 12″ EP.  I find Album Leaf’s music perfect for winding down after a long day and, as with most collectors,  I am a sucker for b-sides and rare tracks.

2-Charlotte Gainsbourg “Heaven Can Wait b/w IRM” 7″ Single.  Though I can live without Beck’s bleeps and wonks, I will take all of this kitten that I can get.

3-Flogging Molly “Devil’s Dance Floor b/w No More Paddy’s Lament” 7″ Red Vinyl.  I especially love No More Paddy’s Lament, a song about getting over the dark past and celebrating your ascent back to the top.  The energy of the live version on this record really gets your Irish up.  I drank and danced thru the entire first listen.  The only one to see it was my dog, Dylan, fortunately he’s Australian and always game for a jig.

4-The Doors “People Are Strange b/w Crystal Ship” 7″ single.  I have never met a Doors record that I did not buy and with only 2500 made this was a done deal.  The artwork on this record was killer.  The classy black, white and silver outer sleeve and the heavy weight vinyl, this was so well done I cold resist and I am not alone, we ran out of this one early.

Keep listening

Mr Johnny Rock


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