Brian Posehn comes to Looney Tunes!

WHERE: Looney Tunes Stage
WHEN: Tuesday April 27th @ 8pm
Comedy Set & Autograph Signing

Brian Posehn “Fart & Weiner Jokes” CD pre-order & FREE picture disc & Wristband for event = $15.99

Brian Posehn has found fame on TV (The Sarah Silverman Program, Just Shoot Me), appeared in several movies and supplies his voice in Rob Zombie’s animated ‘The Haunted World of El Superbeasto’ and “Surf’s Up” but he never forgot his first two loves, metal and stand up.  Posehn has never been more hilarious than on ‘Fart & Wiener Jokes,’ the new release featuring two more thrashing songs with his all-star band.  Brian Posehn is the Slayer of comedy! Pre order the new CD to get a wristband to attend this event. Brian will do a comedy set on stage then an autograph signing. The first 50 people to pre order the CD will get a very very cool limited edition picture disc LP of “Live in Nerd Rage”. Everyone who attends will also get a FREE poster to get signed. You can pre order now at the store or on line.


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