Bayside instore 02/21/2011 RECAP

Artist – BAYSIDE
Date – Monday February 21st
Time- 6:00pm
Event – Performance and Autograph Signing

What can I say.  What a great night. 325 fans and 307 CDs sold.

If you look at a lot of the comments left on this page, most of them start with….YOU SHOULD GET BAND X TO COME PLAY LOONEY TUNES. And sometimes we are able to get the band to come to Looney Tunes and sometimes not. I wish everyone knew just how hard it is to get a band to come to West Babylon and play for free for our customers. It is quite a task to make an instore happen. Once we get a band to come to the store it is VERY rare that the band will ever come back. Not that the bands all don’t have a great time, it’s just like trying to make lighting strike twice in the exact same spot. But, every so often we can get bands to come to Looney Tunes again. And once in a blue moon you get a band to come back again and again and again. BAYSIDE is one of those bands. We are honored that for the past 10 years Bayside has come to Looney Tunes on every record release. The new record is amazing. If you have not picked it up yet, you should.

Thank you again to Bayside and all our friends that made it down to the show. See you again soon. Check out some video and pictures below.

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