Album Review Mumford & Sons

Band: Mumford & Sons
Album: Sigh No More
Label: Glassnote Records
Release Date: February 16, 2010

By John Ramacca.


I am always up for another folk rock band. A genre where you are either good enough to stand out or you will forever be banished to the coffe houses in your own town. Many newer folk rock artists are creating incredible music, Glenn Hansard, Johhny Flynn, William Elliott Whitmore & White Buffalo to mention a few worth checking out.
This English quartet is pushing for the small stages at the best coffee houses in the World, their sold out dates in NYC, Paris, Glasgow, London Dublin and Belfast this month show they are getting there. The music is strongly flavored by string picking and vocal harmonies but don’t expect it stay there for long. The album moves from simple to beauitiful to complex to whimsical to cheerful to remose. These songs lends themselves to driving in the country side and singing along. The musicianship is easily appreciatedand the final product would be appealing to any old folk rock fan. Fans of James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Harry Chapin, Kris Kristofferson and Richard Thopson would certainly enjoy this record. The harmonies would appeal to CSNY fans as well. “Little Lion Man” would be the catchy, sing along, hi-lite track of the CD but it is one in a album full of great songs.


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