Rockin’ A Snow Day

Can you believe it?  Two snow days!!!  I have been listening to a lot the past few days and I keep wanting to come back to two albums.  Two releases from 2009 that have recently piqued my curiosity are Cosmic Egg by Wolfmother & And You Were a Crow by The Parlor Mob.  On first listen they seem quite similar and they are to a certain extent, but each provides the listener with both some new RAWK and an updated version of the sound we all love.

The Parlor Mob starts out with a huge blast of Zep influenced high energy Rock & Roll!  Hard Times & Dead Wrong let you know exactly where this band is coming from.  Flip over to side 2 and the lead off track The Kids really gets you thinking that this band may be the real deal.  This is just track after track of great rock music.  When I Was An Orphan is another standout.

The new Wolfmother was recommended to my by my son, YoungRockr.  I didn’t much care for the first Wolfmother.  It was just “OK”.  Cosmic Egg is another story.  This is much tighter and focused and has a bit more of a doomy Sabbath vibe to it.  Do yourself a favor and grab the vinyl, the sonic upgrade is worth it and you get a free mp3 download of the full album anyhow.

So there you have it.  Two for a snow day from and OldRockr and former Looney Tunes legend.  Well at least in my own mind!  More to come soon.


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Just an OldRockr trying to find new music in a young world! It's out there, you just have to look...and listen!

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