If It SmellsGood,Burn It

One of my favorites roles that I play here at Looney Tunes is that of Incense Buyer. I get to search the world of fine aromas and bring into the store a selection of incense cones, sticks and oils that create that unique and pleasant bouquet that strikes you as soon as you enter the store. I know our customers are burning the incense I buy as the perfect accompaniment to a hot bath or shower, a night of listening to music, alone or with friends and for those precious moments of meditation and solitude. Incense is burned at large parties to cover the many smells and at small parties to cover…fewer smells. I have taken all of this into account when selecting the incense that we carry here at Looney Tunes and I am excited to announce all of these new incense items that I we have brought in for 2010.
Satya,the makers of the famous and best selling Nag Champa incense,have recently released five new fragrances,
Blessings, Rain Forest, Fortune, Romance and Jasmine Blossom.

Satya Nag Champa 500 gram $39.99, 250 gram $19.99, 100 gram $9.99, 40 gram $3.99, 15 gram $2.99

All available in 15 oz. $2.99

For those customers who have asked for more incense cones we have added a full line of R.Expo’s Namaste Incense Cones.

Boxes of 16 cones $2.99

We changed the loose incense sticks we carry to the Black Berry company. Black Berry incense is oil dipped sticks instead of powder coated. The oil dipped incense is cleaner to handle, smells less like wood and the fragrance is stronger. Come on into the store and mix and match from the 40 different fragrances we carry.

I recently added a full line of incense oils and oil burners. The oils are actiuvated by tea lights which fit safely into the lower chamber of the burner. The oil never comes in to contact with the flame. The heat of the candle releases the fragrance into the air.

Fragrance oils $6.99 each.  Oil burners starting at $7.99.

We carry several other types of incense in the store,come on in to Looney Tunes and sniff your way through our incense section.


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