get stoked on these!

I’ll be the first to admit that I completely missed the boat with the “best of ’09” lists my co-workers have put up.  I turned it over in my mind a few hundred times and eventually decided that I couldn’t nail it down to 10, much less try and put them in any sort of order.

So, opportunity lost, and opportunity…gained?

Instead of writing up a list of last year’s records that have already been hashed, re-hashed, re-re-hashed, and possibly turned into hash browns, I figured that I’d turn my eyes forward to the new year and the new releases coming with it.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Pin Points & Gin Joints”

CD $12.99

Ok, ok, I know that we’re getting this off to a bad start by listing an album with a December 8, 2009 release date here, but hear me out.  This album is an indie store exclusive that was released through Newbury Comics in the boys’ hometown of Boston only on the 8th.  We got it in this week for the first time and I finally had a chance to give it a listen, and the Bosstones did not let me down.  These guys have been putting out quality albums for what seems like forever, and going on hiatus for a few years just seemed to re-energize them.  This is an instant classic, with memorable song after memorable song all album long.

Crime In Stereo – “I Was Trying To Describe You to Someone”

Due out February 23rd, the fourth full-length from Long Island’s own melodic hardcore powerhouse is definitely something that’s piqued my interest.  It says a lot about how good these guys are that I can still say I’m excited for this even after hearing about the mediocre-at-best album title and strangely bizarre album artwork.  They’ve taken the normally staid paint-by-numbers formula of punk rock and really put their own unique spin on it, most notably on the 2007 album Is Dead.  It’s always been refreshing to hear someone thinking outside the box and trying new things for themselves and not care when a bunch of kids on a message board cry foul.

The Wonder Years – “The Upsides”

This is going to be the second album for the guys in the Wonder Years, if you don’t count the seemingly countless number of splits and 7″s they’ve released in between their debut and sophomore CDs.  This time around, they decided to scrap the whole “doom and gloom, doesn’t life suck” lyrical outlook and focus on the good things in life…hence, “The Upsides”.  Drawing on the influences of Saves the Day and New Found Glory before them, the Wonder Years are poised to make a big breakthrough this year and this is going to the be the album that does that.  Pick it up when it comes out January 26th!

2009 might have been a pretty rad year for music, but these three albums are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what 2010 is gonna have for us.  Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comments section!



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